Houdini Ocean Toolkit. An ocean simulation system based on Tessendorf waves for Cinema 4D

Available on OSX and Windows for R20, R21, S22, R23, S24, R25, S26, 2023 and 2024.

Orginally a plugin for Houdini created by Drew Whitehouse based on a Jerry Tessendorf paper.

This is a GPL licensed open source project, ported to Cinema 4D by Manuel Magalhaes / Valkaari.

You can get the source code here

No additional work has been done to the plugin.

This plugin is just being compiled by us to make it available to everyone.

Note that the plugin IDs were changed from the original Valkaari version so previous scenes will not load into this version.

Examples made using the R16 version by Bob Walmsley


After installing you will find HOT4D under the plugins menu if you have R20, or under the extensions menu in R21 upwards.



Deformer and Effector

The plugin consists of a Deformer and an Effector



Plane with 50x50 segments

Tutorial videos of HOT4D using Cinema 4D R16 by Bob Walmsley

The interface may be different to these videos and there is no guarantee that any of the features shown will work the same in this new version.

In the videos he is using a Vertex Map for Jacob and Foam, in this version you must use a Vertex Color Tag instead. It can be found in tags menu "Other Tags->Vertex Color".